Apple to break ‘major news’ on Sep 7th

Apple poised to break ‘major news’
  • Apple is preparing a major announcement next week, dropping hints of something as critical to the company’s future as the release of the original iPod in 2001.
  • The company sent an invitation to reporters on Monday morning for a "special event" being held on 7 September in San Francisco.The invitation reads: "1,000 songs in your pocket changed everything", referring to the release of the first 5GB iPod nearly four years ago. "Here we go again."
  • Research firm iSuppli recently reported Samsung Electronics was dedicating a large amount – perhaps as much as 40 per cent – of its flash memory production to Apple, leading to speculation that the Mac maker was preparing a larger-capacity version of its flash-based Shuffle player, or even switching its iPod Mini to a flash-based technology.
  • Other Apple-linked products are also nearing market release. Motorola has said a long-promised iTunes mobile phone will ship before the end of September. And the latest version of iTunes, version 4.9, contains hidden references to mobile-phone features, adding to the expectation that an iTunes-compatible mobile phone is coming soon.

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