Yahoo faces Flickr rebellion

Users of Yahoo’s recently acquired photo-sharing site are joining forces to protest against the search giant’s new account policies.
  • Yahoo has quietly given notice to users of Flickr, which it bought in March, that it will merge the operations. In a clause in Flickr’s FAQ, Yahoo said it will "migrate" all independent account holders to its own network, requiring them to create a Yahoo ID.
  • In response, a portion of the tight-knit photo community is protesting the forced move by threatening to abandon their accounts a day before the imposed deadline in 2006. Under the group name, "Flick off", more than 800 photo site members are bemoaning the change and discussing a migration of their own.
  • "I’m definitely leaving Flickr when it becomes a Yahoo service," wrote one member by the name of Matt. "I’m sure that Google will launch an all-out photo service sooner or later. Hopefully before Xmas."

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