Hummer Laptop

General Motors is expected to announce a new laptop next week that’s styled after its popular Hummer multi-terrain vehicles.
  • The carmaker has signed an exclusive three-year licensing agreement with Spokane, Wash.- based Itronix to make a portable computer designed for people who work outdoors: policemen, firemen, claims adjusters and construction workers, for example, as well as people who own a Hummer and are fascinated by anything related to the oversize vehicles.
  • Itronix said it is using the same military-grade technology (vibration and temperature standards) in the Hummer laptop to launch its own brand–the GoBook VR-1. That computer, priced at $3,299, has nearly all the same attributes as the Hummer-branded laptop, including a 1.86GHz Intel Centrino Pentium processor, a 12.1-inch color display, 512MB of memory, a DVD/CD-R/W combination drive, 8021.11a/g/b wireless connectivity and Microsoft’s XP Professional operating system
  • The Hummer laptop has the added features of an 80GB shock-mounted removable hard-disk drive and a swappable radio module that allows users to switch between North American and European GPRS/EDGE wireless plans.
  • The Hummer laptop comes in black and silver with yellow, red or pewter-gray trim. Its battery lasts a little more than four hours; a battery extender pushes that to about seven hours.

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