Gmail Team Thanks

GMail Team Thanks users
  • Our families… 4 engagements, 7 weddings, 11 new babies, 1 reunion, and 1 cross-country move by a fiancée so they "don’t have to do the long-distance thing anymore" so far this year.
  • Each other—the little family we’ve created here makes it fun to come in to work, especially on days when we play kickball.
  • Winning the "PC World World Class Award" for being #2 on the list of The 100 Best Products of 2005. (We don’t mind being #2, especially to Firefox. Plus, it gives us more to work for.)
  • Google Video, and one fan’s video we love in particular.
  • The horn of plenty and the guy who drew it.
  • You, our users. Yes you. Again. Still.
  • Cheese. Brie, goat, cheddar, the stuff we write on our home page… 🙂

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