Shyam Radio

I have been listening to Shyam Radio for the past of 2 – 3 months,they are doing a good job in Internet Radio service.They are based out of Chennai,atleast the whois records shows TNagar address.

   Administrative Contact:
        Rs. Mani
        AXE Networks Private Limited
        41, Karpagambal Nagar, Ist Floor, Mylapore,
        Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600004
        Phone: 98405 41771

Nice part is you dont have to download any software for listening to the radio,just launch the & music streams direct to your PC.(Direct link : mms://

One thought on “Shyam Radio

  1. shyamradio and shyam radio plus ..both are nice on line radios available for a simple subscription of Rs. 300 per year..shyam radio plus is exceptionally good because no need to go to home page and compulsory viewing of all ads..this and that. Entire radio is nicely divided into genres. If you like Ilayaraja select your convenient timing from their schedule and just listen.that is simple..we have to encourage this people for their innovative effort..netizens are interested only in free things..pls change that

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