Microsoft SQL Server 2005

My Next project is going to be in MS SQL Server 2005 & .NET,so working hard on reading the new concepts,migrating the old database (which is in 2000).I have worked with SQL Server 2000 earlier so 2005 is nothing new,but on looking at the features,most of the concepts are looking like Oracle (read on the following).
Features :
  • SQL Server Management Studio – Enterprise Manager of 2005,some new features added looks like the old enterprise manager packed in new covers.
  • Database Mirroring – New concept but old for Oracle,transaction log shipping to destination server
  • Table and Index Partitioning – New concept for SQL but old for Oracle,capability for the partitioning of tables across filegroups in a database
  • Support for 64-bit System Itanium 2 and x64 – No comments
  • Transact-SQL Enhancements – Lots & lots of new syntax & some of them are deprecated
  • Business Intelligence Development Studio
  • Reporting Services – server-based enterprise reporting environment, managed through Web services

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