MS SQL 2005 Training

Last week guy from MS came over to Ramco for training on (new) concepts of all new SQL 2005.Poor guy he was bombarded with tooooooo much questions.I just went in for just the migration section,but with in that 30-40mins there were so many questions.
He was explaining about the waiter queues,free lists,etc.,there were so many questions abt how it operates etc., but some are stupid questions(that brings bad image on Ramco) in betwn the conversations he also told ‘Ramco is the biggest developer community which uses SQL’ (?!)
I waited for some time to start the migration sections but he was so occupied,so in the break I went in & spoke to him about the issues which we are facing in conversion.He accepted all the things but since all of those has been already logged as support request to MS,he told he will get back sooon.Since all of my questions are answered,I stepped out (mm..questions were still on 🙂
Good that we are getting nice opportunities to ask questions!but some doesnt think that way.

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