Back from Palani (Late Post)

Onward Palani trip was via KPN Travels,it was very comfortoble journey & we reached Palani at morning 7am.And then we had look out for the lodge,unfortunately all of them were booked & nothing was there,finally we had got one which is not lodge but some chathiram with only 1 small room & 1 bed.We had to settle because there is no option.
Got ready at 9am & then started climbing up the steps,it was very steap.Finally reached at 930am,got the 100/-ticket & completed the darshan at 10.00am.We were lucky because,we had got very near & darshan was really good.
Vacated the room in Palani & came back to Dindigul & booked a lodge,slept well.Got the train at 800pm,finally reached Chennai at early morning 04:30am.Train travel was not comfortable,because I had got Side Upper berth,I cud not fit in & I had squeezed in.

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