My House – Updates

Last few days have been so hectic on my personal side as well as on the career side.On the personal side,have been busy in getting the legal documents,etc., Some of them have been completed,in few days I will be entering in to registered contract with builder.
But house is already reached basement state,in & around 7-8 months,it will be ready for occupation.I have clicked at different stages of the house,will upload the photos sooon.
My new house is located @ 2nd Main Road,Velachery.It’s very near to new MRTS station of Velachery & Vijaya nagar bus stop.
On Career side,the project is getting in to critical path,the changes are approved from the customer.Now the ball is in our court,it has to be properly developed & released to customer.Issue here is(as all project) the scope changes from day -today & even delivery dates also changes!
We have so many things to do & as a PM,have so many pending things! Have to work hard..

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