Project Management – Part 1

Staying in office,’am going to make use of the time.I’m going to write about what are the different process involved in Project Management.
Step #1

Project Initiation : So you have got a project,first step is to Receive the PO from Geography account or the document which has details on the order,the next steps would be to

    • Identify the SPM/PM for the project
    • Handover the project information to SPM – Typcially the project is handover from PreSales / Sales
    • Understanding the Project Requirements – This will be done during the handover session from PreSales / Sales,this serves as a point where PM can seek details on what are the soft commitments,assumptions,various risks etc.,
    • Plan development startegy – This includes preparing a rough draft startegy on the life cycle model to be used,development environment,release validation etc.,
    • Prepare Cost Plan – Understand the effort,manpower & prepare the cost plan,reviewed and get it approved.
    • Conduct Kick Off Meeting – OK,now you are ready to kick-off the project.Call all the stakeholders & highlight the development startegy,risks etc., And also document discussions in minutes of meeting(MOM)

Work Products

Project Notification or Initiation Note,Project Cost Sheet or Cost Plan

Quality Documents

Project Notification or Initiation Note, MOM of Project handover from PreSales/Sales to SPM, Review Records of cost plan, MOM of kick-off meeting

That’s for now,will continue writing on this space!!!


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