VMware Player

Last week had some time to play around with VMware Player & other virtualization tools.I was looking for some kind of pre-made VMware images & distribute to the customer,it worked but all the software keys also had to be distributed (which is no way possible!!) but got some hands-on of VMware Player,its great application for running second operating system on your desktop. 
Get Start
  • Download VMware Player from (http://vmware.com/download/)
  • Install the VMware Player on your desktop (its very easy install process)
  • Create a new VMX in your fav editor,following is an example vmx file

displayName = "Ubuntu Dapper Drake 6.04 Flight 3"
guestOS = "ubuntu"

memsize = "512" (RAM)
scsi0:0.fileName = "20G.vmdk"
ide1:0.fileName = "dapper-install-i386.iso" (path to dapper iso or anyother OS iso)

  • Once vmx file is created,it can be activated using VMware player i.e, once played,you should be able to install dapper on the virtual machine,you can install/configure any of the software & more important you can network your OS & VMware OS.

 More details on http://www.vmware.com/resources/techresources/


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