M.V.Book Bank

Came across this beautiful concept of book bank last week,my brother is undergoing B.Tech & for that he needs to buy books for this semester,instead of buying he just can lend the books from M.V.Book bank.

M.V.Book Bank offers student memberships where in they can take up to 6 books,the books can be retained for the whole semester.

Interestingly the person behind this service is also a student at one time named Saairam, the then student of Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Jerusalem College of Engineering, is passionate about books when he was at college. But the availability of books at those days are very rare outside the college library. Thought of this situation, he wanted to help the fellow students by providing books as per their requirements and started the book bank in 1996 when he was just 19 years. His mission doesnt stop when he finished and out of college, he wanted to strengthen the organisation and pass the benefits to the future generation of Engineers and IT aspirants. He completed his masters degree from South Bank University of London during 2001 in the field of International Business. His knowledge on international scenario and the hands on experience over a decade on book bank helps him make the M.V.Book Bank flourish now and ever.

More about M.V Book Bank : http://www.mvbookbank.org/


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