Oracle TimeZone

For one of my projects we are in need of conversion of one timezone to another but it seems Oracle only supports timezone for Timestamp data type & not DATETIME datatype.Problem is very much complex,customer’s IT Team is based in Houston (CST Timezone) & servers are placed in data center farm located at Denver(MST Timezone) all the end-users are placed in across timezones(like EST,CST et al.,)
Our application since it was designed 4-5 yrs back,it supports timezone transactions only for specific portions of the modules,now we are in state where in the application has to support all the timezones.All over the application date is stored in DATETIME data type but Oracle can store timezone only in TIMESTAMP data type.I was checking for some code to convert one timezone to other one,searching is still continung…hope I will get soon.After that we will have to change atleast 7k procedures(!)..huh..
If somebody came across,pls post it to me.

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