Tagline Changed

If you note the tagline has been changed to 50% Life 50% Tech,hmm..this is what Im going to concentrate from now on.All the blog posts from now on will have 2 categories either Life or Tech.
I guess everything comes up in either one of these.
Update on my personal side : I have got a cool house in Mysore its situated very close to Infosys area.Its called Vijaya Nagar 2nd stage (reminds me of Vijaya nagar in Chennai,Velachery :-p) area is bit terrain with many ups & downs,all through mysore its like that,I dont know why ? may be its built on top of some mountain ?
Last week we (All family,Ramya side & my side) went to new house for rituals & gas connections,all went on well.House owner is so helpful,they speak Tamil which is very important coz in a new land the’re help is so much needed.Got a new HP gas connection,have to shift everythig coming next week.
From my new house Infosys is just 10-15mins,so I can come in for lunch & then go back.Infosys as expected,amazez me with such huge acres..acress of sotware land.I really love (pride) to work with Infosys.
Last week went to Chanmundi Hills,so good place to be.All the buses will have Kannada as the language,no English..Its too hard to get in the bus.

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