Top 5 things about Infosys

It has been close to 2 – 2.5 months,following are my top 5 about Infosys
  1. Process are matured enough,if you have a question,before you think – there will be an answer in the FAQ.
  2. Real cosmopolitan – opportunity to work in real diversified ‘One big World’.
  3. Knowledge Management – Infy has approached this problem really well,they have well diversified portals,way to capture/organize the knowledge.
  4. Systematic – Everything is systematic,you can’t break it.I guess for such big organization,System is really driving very well.All the process are set,just do it…
  5. Rules – there are so many Infy rules,which ofcourse is really helpful like for example they have mandated Helmets inside their campus.

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