Learning from B-School

  1. The most important were the financial tools. As an entrepreneur, understanding finance is extremely important as it impacts everything around us.
  2. It taught me how to think as a business person — in B-school you are exposed to so many case studies, profit and loss statements, balance sheets and strategic decisions based on that information, that you automatically start thinking of everything around you as a business.
  3. When you sit in an MBA class and analyse case studies of companies that have revenues that run into several hundred million dollars, you tend to get comfortable with those number and underestimate the value of good execution — thinking and discussing strategy is easy — the real challenging part is the execution.

He also suggests that

For an entrepreneur, it is all about the idea and good execution — B-schools should try and add skills in their students through some practical experiences and lessons in superior execution and in establishing methodologies on identifying ideas that can provide value to customers and hence make a business successful.


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