Customer service

Other day we were returning from one of the routes where new Mercedes Benz – Intecity Coaches have been introduced.We started around afternoon,bus was very good brand new,clean compartment.After passing for close to about 30kms,some weird sounds and bus stopped,came to know some issues with acceleration pedal lever.:-p I guess drivers/conductors doesn’t know how to check if vehicle is ready for the trip,driver could not do anything as only service people have to come to Mercedes.Everyone was asked to get in,driver managed to ride the vehicle @ may be 60 km/hr,bus would reach 60 max and then trip down.

We were driving like this for close to about 2hrs until we reach Bangalore border where we got to see modified Tata Ace Mercedes Service van,service people waved at us(if you’re guessing – yes your right even Tata Ace vehicle can overtake our bus :-p)

Mercedes service guy came with Industrial laptop plugged in to engine,collected all the error logs,replaced acceleration pedal (all was plug ‘n’ play).All set we Zooom’d in to Bangalore,service guy was with us collected logs again. 

Main point here is I could notice how these people are trained to collect logs (before/after) & also response to roadside assitance.Not sure how it is with Volvo.Very good Customer service!!:)


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