Say hello..hello

hello..hello..yes this is the new buzz word you can hear everywhere, every time 🙂 all around there are people saying hello..hello.. 🙂 my kid use to ask why uncle is telling hello..hello..

Other craziest thing is people plug in their hands-free and start speaking on their own,on other day I was driving to office in between traffic(as u know Bangalore is infamous for traffic) suddenly guy next to me started shouting,I was shocked then I looked here,there..Did I do anything ? Everyone looked usual as if nothing happened ooh..then I noticed he was speaking on him.

Mobile effects which you can see around you –

  1. Say hello..hello every 5mins or whatever u like
  2. Speak/Shout/ to yourself
  3. Plug-in,Play your fav songs,don’t speak to anyone

Anything missed out?? leave it on the comments… :-p


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