Epic troll: Headline News guest asked about Edward Snowden, talks Edward Scissorhands instead

HLN, a headline news cable channel owned by CNN, was hit with an epic and hilarious troll job yesterday when media personality Jon Hendren was brought on to discuss the implications and significance of Edward Snowden joining Twitter. During the course of what was ostensibly a serious interview with HLN anchor Yasmin Vossoughian, Hendren hilariously began answering questions about Snowden by instead referencing Edward Scissorhands. DON’T MISS: New memory chips use light to store and transmit data 100 times faster than SSD For instance, when asked about Snowden’s NSA data dump and its potential to put U.S. lives in danger, Hendren’s answer swiftly and spectacularly drifted into the absurd. “Well, you know, to say he couldn’t harm somebody with what he did, he could

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